Random Facts for #AroDay

Happy #AroDay!
It’s different from when Aces celebrated #AceDay with cards, the initiators for #AroDay wanted us (Aromantic people and the other under Aro spectrum) to write 5-10 random facts about ourselves.

Actually there is a blog for all #AroDay participants to submit their #AroDay facts on tumblr but I don’t have tumblr account and it’s kinda confusing and frustrating to do it anonymously (writing all that facts and having it gone, not sent, after I tapped submit), so I decided to put it here and on twitter.

And these are 10 totally random facts about me.

1. I’m a demi-
heteroromantic asexual
that never been in a
serious relationship for my
whole 31 years of life. #

2. I used to be a fujoshi
who loved to watch
hardcore yaoi anime and
read anything yaoi related
than shoujo or heterosexual stuff. #

3. I love cats. Before I realised that I’m a demiromantic asexual, I thought I’d ended up as batty old cat lady. #AroDay

4. still have desire to be in
a relationship, marriage
perhaps, but wouldn’t lose
any sleep over it. #

5. having no real support
system, community,
resources or someone to
turn to is kinda hard and
exhausting. #AroDay

6. I always see everything
in shades of gray, but
there’s only B&W for
cheating on your partner.
see, I’m the wise one!
*roll eyes* #AroDay

7. don’t ask me about love
at first sight, crushes, and
all that jazz. it’s like you
told me that your fart
smells like Chanel no. 5. #

8. I don’t even know what
does Chanel no. 5 smells
like. #AroDay

9. I love to read. so you
could give me a book if
you want to be in my good
book (pun intended) #

10. forgetting where I last put my glasses made me feel like a headless chicken but less energetic…? *eyes 20cm from every surfaces* #AroDay



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